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Story telling is a living breathing creature.
It thrives, grows & adapts in the heart of each new generation of story teller.

Caribou Rock
Series authored by Pierre Girard

A Grandfather Story

Rite of Passage

Sugar Bush

© 1999-2002 Pierre Girard

Beavers and Beyond
Series authored by Longtrail Snowbird

The Gift

The Ghost Woman and Heavy Collar of the Bloods

Eagle Hunter

Shin'in Times Beyond

The Sun Dogs of Winter

Buffalo as a Food Source

© 1996-2002 Victoria Orchard

Series authored by T. W. Martindale

Season of Cheer

Crystal Tears

For Those Who Cried

Whispers In The Wind

Cry Freedom

Quiet Companion

Enter The Butterfly

Kiss The Wind


© 1998-2002 T. W. Martindale

Series authored by Ted Wilburn

Little Two-Hands, Talking

My Cherokee Rosetta Stone

Faces in My Dreams

Who Are You?

© 1999-2002 Ted Wilburn

Authored by Susan Marie Smith-Kennedy

Unsent Letter

© 2002 Susan Marie Smith-Kennedy

Series authored by Les Tate

The Shelter

Time Walker Trilogy

Are You An Indian?

© 1998-2002 Les Tate

Authored by Edward Ivan Madahbee

Be Strong

The End?

I Miss You

Never Mine

© 2000 - 2002 Edward Ivan Madahbee

Series authored by Tara Prindle

'Twas the Night Before Ojibwe Christmas

Anishinaabe and Ma'iingan (Original Man and Wolf)

© 2000 - 2002 Tara Prindle
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From a Cyber Rez

Click here and read "Mr. Rock", as told in NAC by an extremely talented young person nicknamed 'Thunder-God'.

The poetry and stories here at NativeTech have all been submitted to NativeTech by different authors over the last several years. The writings in each series are presumed to be original and are accompanied by a little auto-biography for the author. The authors are Native, mixed-blood Native as well as non-Native ... inclusion here does not imply tribal representation.

Thank you all, for your invaluable contributions to NativeTech!

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