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Edward Ivan Madahbee

So itís up to me

To strive, to live, to stay alive

I didnít want it to be

Me, on my own, no one but me

What can I do

Itís too late for me and for you

In all of my life

I just wanted you, us, together

Without trust

I let myself be blinded by nothing

And here I am

Alone, awake in my bed, wondering

Where did it go

If only things turned out differently

I couldíve just

Stretched my arm out, and feel you

Only if I knew You were never mine to begin with

Love is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and most of us never learn our lesson, I think I fall within that category. Falling out of love is the worst thing in the world, love that was never meant to be, should not have been. How do we know? We donít, we live life our own way, every individual loves, sleeps, and stretches in the way they believe. Love is not something to be passed by, it is also not to be abused. I will find my way, my own way, and hopefully I will love and live again.

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