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The father's name is 'Hummingbird'
Faces In My Dreams


Ted Wilburn

One by one I see your faces
as you walk through my sleep.
Men and women, boys and girls
walk a trail, long and steep.

As you pass you look at me
with sad faces and eyes that cry.
From your faces the color is gone.
I don't see a face that's dry.

For many moons you have come
time and again during the night.
It's always the same when you come,
always dark, never in the light.

Sometimes you are many,
and sometimes only a few.
You are telling me secrets.
I don't know what to do.

You started visiting my dreams
the day I found this arrow head.
I worked very hard that day
and you came after I went to bed.

Who am I that you should come to me
during the night as I try to sleep?
Why have you come to me and
into my dreams quietly creep?

Am I supposed to be someone who
can heal your hurts and dry your tears?
What can I do to soothe your pain
after all these many long years?

You seem to know more about me
than I know about myself today.
Am I supposed to work magic
and make your pain go away?

Now in my waking moments of time
I write about your visits to me
to tell others about you and
the things you want me to see.

Your sad faces I see and
feel in my heart your pain.
Many times you came before.
I know you will come again.

In that sweet by and by
after the end of my years
I will see you face to face.
No more Trail of Tears.

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