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  • Ph.D. Candidate Anthropology (1988 - discontinued 1997) ~ University of Connecticut
  • M.A. Anthropology (1988) ~ University of Connecticut
  • B.A. Anthropology (1986) ~ University of Vermont

Ethnohistory and Archaeology Interests:

I am not Native American. I am primarily of Scottish descent, my ancestor on my father's side, William Pringle came to New Haven, CT in 1654 and married Mary Desborough. Pringle was changed to Prindle, the Prindles married into the families of Brown, Goodrich, Sizer (DeSouza), Abbott, Wilcox, Woodward, Dewy, Baird, Sherman, Atwood, Ward, Starr, Weld, Catlin, Roeper, Bule, Baldwin, Bishop, Peck ... among other's unknown... all before the 1700s came to a close. Sirnames on my mother's side include Hunter, Garfield, Bailey, Webster, Chapman, Stanton, Fowler, Dean, Reel, Odell, Pitcher, Strong, Clapp, Sheldon, Bullard, Brewer, Bigelow, Bridge, Danforth, Warren, Flagg (Flegg), Underwood, Curtiss, Ives, Pierce, Marriman, Abernathy ... and so many more.

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Please contact me if you have articles or material about Native American technology and art you would like to contribute to these pages, or if you have suggested revisions for my topics covered on NativeTech. If you are a student, parent or teacher with a deadline for a school project, I can not answer e-mails I receive asking questions which require research. The search engine on NativeTech's home page may help you find are looking for. I believe more is learned when research is acomplished by the student.

If you're looking for specific information about Native Peoples, genealogy information, homework questions or if you have other questions about Native crafts or indigenous technologies, please post your questions on one of the various Native-related Message Boards and perhaps those reading the boards may be of help. Please remember to have patience and keep an open mind.

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