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If you were to help your fellow Anishinauback, or your fellow human beings generally, what you must do is already set.  However, you may hate it, however unpleasant it may be, you must work at it.  It is not always beautiful.  And this -- everything on the surface is beautiful.  To get to the source of beauty you must dig deep. Text: Basil H. Johnston; Illustration: David a Johnson; 1995
I Miss you


Edward Ivan Madahbee

Inside my heart is where you'll always be

My mind, body, and soul belong to you

I promise you my feelings will never change

Sometimes I feel like Iíve known you all my life

Still I wake up wishing you were beside me

You mean everything to me and always will

Our love will never go away no matter what

Until the day we can be together again

This poem goes out to my longtime girlfriend, although we've run into a few problems and are not together at the moment. I cannot stop thinking of her and miss her so much, hopefully we will be together again someday. She makes my life worth living and i feel so empty right now without her. Everyone was against us from the start but we managed to stay together through the hardest of times, and this poem expresses how much i miss her. All i want, is to live and die with her.

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Image credit: Illustration by David A. Johnson
(from a page out of "The Bear Walker" by Basil H. Johnston 1995).

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