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The End?


Edward Ivan Madahbee

What is the end? The end of what?

Is our life real or a long and scary dream

Life is scary, the truth is even scarier

No one bothers to find the real truth

Afraid of what they might stumble upon

There are things that cannot be explained

And will never be, as for life after death

I am scared, who isnít scared of death

What awaits you after death, another life?

Or is it just darkness, you no longer exist

Despite my fear, I still believe in god

I will keep believing till the day I die

Hopefully god will forgive me for my sins

To accept me with open arms, to let me in

This is the end I hope for, to be with our father

I have always been scared of death, not knowing what is gonna happen afterwards. If you sit and think about it right now, what would you feel? I just hope I am not the only one who is scared of what happens to us. You only live once and I want to live my life to the end.

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Text © 2001 Edward Ivan Madahbee. E-mail:

Image credit: Illustration by David A. Johnson
(from the cover of "The Bear Walker" by Basil H. Johnston 1995).

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