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Unsent Letter


Susan Marie Smith-Kennedy

As I sit in the grass with my back to the sun, I write you another "unsent"
letter. However, this day I feel in chorus with Mother Earth. She whispers
to me, "Just say what's on your mind, child." So, let me just tell you

It is you...who can make me high,
stirring the embers of my heart. I know you. I feel you. We are alive in
the rich, glowing hue. How eager I am to be enlightened.

It is you...who can raise me up,
high above the ashes, to let the fires burn again and again.

It is you...who can take me like the wind--
a soothing breath that flows through me, freeing love without inhibitions.

And, yet, it is you...who can temper me low.
Like calming waters, cleansing my spirit and gently misting my mind.

Such a simple, yet splendid, synchronicity--
to rise and fall, and the objective be the same.

As I sit on the grass with my back to the sun, I ask Mother Earth, "Will this
be another unsent letter?" Only this time, Mother Earth, wise through the
grace of time, allows me to silently ponder the answer for myself...

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Image Credit: "Sky Trees" Watercolor by Jennifer P. Haydock

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