Native American Technology and Art

Mr. Rock

as told by 'Thunder-God'

oh oh Lemmie think one up!
*think think think* OWWWWWWWWWWW
OK I got one
about this Rock

Ok there was this Rock
hes like all cranky
and he would like smash people who would make him made
this Rock dude had like some kick toosh regalia and stuff
and he was shelfish
and thought all the other forest animals sucked and he was all mighty
so he wouldn't let anyone even look at his treasures

So like... one day
There was like these three animal dudes
Mr. Deer
Mr. Raccoon
and Mr. Hawk
they really wanted to see Mr. Rocks stuff
so they tromp on over and they say "hey come on cool..We wanna see your stuff"
And Mr. Rock's like "yeah whatever get lost!"
Aww come on man...we wanna cheack your stuff out
So Mr. Rock got angry
Look... he said
I'm sick you you dorkweeds bothering me
You ain't gonna see nuthin
get lost

And the animals were like... hey man... you could be a little nicer
and Rock said ok... that's it... I'm gonna smash you!
So he tumbled over after em
but they got away
and Mr. Rock likes BAH!..And rolls back to his.Rug or whatever
and so Mr. Raccoon, Hawk and Deer are all hanging out in the bushes and stuff
and Raccoons like
hey man... that dude's mean...
Yeah! said Deer
I got a plan says Hawk
You know that dude always sleeps
he like never gets insomia
so what were gonna do is...
when he's all sleepin and stuff
we're gonna sneek over and we're gonna steal his stuff
Aw man thats un cool Said Deer!
Hey hey chill said Hawk it's all good... we're gonna return it
I mean it's just fer a day
So Deer and Raccoon are like... well ok man...
as long as we return it

So the three go to where Rock is
and he's all sleep and stuff
And... they sneek over and grab his stuff
Aww right! groovy! Said Raccoon we got his stuff! cool now we can show it off to everyone!
So they began to sneek off
Deer tripped!
(poor Deer)
And Rock woke up
HEY wth!
HEY Get away!
Put my stuff down!
Screamed Rock!

*and the animals began to run... they're like oh man! we better get lost he's gonna smash us!
Woh said Hawk thats un cool! yer right lets get out of here
and they bolted off like a bat out of hell
and Rocks like HEY! YOU THIEVES
thats MINE
And Rock began to quiver with rage and anger
And he started to roll!
And then he got faster
WOH! said Deer... That dudes catchin up!
I know!! said Hawk!
Hey you two can run and fly and stuff... but... like... I'm not that fast... ya know... being a Raccoon and all
Er..well bummer said Deer!
Hey I'll like pick you up if you need it said Hawk!

And Rock got faster
he was so mad and so full of rage and stuff that nuthin would stand in his way
so the animals ran to the forest hoping that maybe the trees would like stop Mr. Rock
But Rock just smashed though them
*and the animals were running as fast as they could
but like this Rock dude was really fast
then suddenly Deer tripped on a log
and Rock like smashed him flat!
Hawk and Raccoon looked back in horror

hey man this is uncoo said Hawk... U know what I gotta plan
What what said Raccoon
you run one way and i'll go another
I'm gonna take other there to that thar mountain
ok ok right on And Raccoon run the other way
And Rock went after Hawk
and Hawks all trying to get him more mad by clawing at him and stuff

and when the reach the mountain..Rocks so peed off that he flys off the edge
he was so blinded by his own rage he couldn't even see the cliff
and hes all falling
and he slams into the side of the cliff
and he suddenly breaks into 2s
then 3s
then.AAAAAAH!!!!!!!!... 4s!
and eventually by the time Rock hits the ground he was no bigger than a speck
And Hawk came down
AHAHAHAHAH @ you Rock!
Looks whos little now!
And so Hawk flew off

The End

all animal relatives in this story were stunt animals
nun were hurt

Contributed by 'Thunder-God' (reprinted with permission)
from Native American Chat (Virtual Places on, Jan. 11, 2000

(Thunder-God is Lakota, Creek and Cherokee, with Scotch Irish)

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