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A Message from T. W. Martindale
Sagwu Usdi

Osiyo Brothers & Sisters.......

I am T. W. Martindale, daughter of Yona and Oginali, and the mother of two fine sons. I was born in Montgomery, Alabama, but have lived the majority of my life in Tennessee. I am also known as Sagwu Usdi and proud to say I am Cherokee by blood.

I have always been interested in the Cherokee heritage in my family since I was a small child. My father had been doing some research on his family off and on for a few years when I began assisting him.

During my research, I began to "toy" with my very first poem "Quiet Companion" in my mind. Since my Cherokee blood was not so readily accepted by my former spouse, many times I felt so alone. So as I lay awake one night with tears on my face, the piece "Quiet Companion" came to life.

It was shortly after that time that other ideas came to me. Thoughts of my ancestors who had suffered indescribable hardships and abuse flowed from my head to my heart. I then knew that I must write as a tribute to them and bring them back to life!

So, it is to all the family that came before me who I give all the honor and love that I can possibly bestow upon them and in the only way I know how. To them....... For them....... I will write.

I hope many who read that which I write may be truely blessed by what they read. May internal light and healing be yours.

T.W. Martindale

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