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Enter The Butterfly


T.W. Martindale
Sagwu Usdi

An insignificant creature am I÷
I've nothing to boast but that I exist.
Thought quite unimportant, I can be more.
Come÷ Look upon my pitiful form and you will see÷

I am looked down upon and sneered at by some.
Totally overlooked by others, I'm of no consequence at all.
Oh, meaningless wretch that I am! This is my life.
One day at a time, step by step, inch by inch÷I WILL BE MORE!

Having so little to offer, but I offer ALL that I am.
Asking what I have to give, I answer, "I give you me."
Not much am I now, but someday÷ Somehow, I will be more.
Watch me÷ Tend to me÷ Nurture me, and you will see!

Slowly, but surely÷ A day at a time÷ I am changing.
I feel the growing pains come and retreat to my shell.
All who have laughed me to scorn believe to have proven their opinion of me.
But÷ Deep inside my haven, the metamorphosis begins÷

Having withdrawn for but a while, I only wait÷
In the world I have cocooned about myself, I am growing÷changing.
Taking on the life of a recluse, I know not how long I must wait.
But after the storm of mocking and scorn, I will emerge and....Enter The Butterfly!

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