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Kiss The Wind


T.W. Martindale
Sagwu Usdi

Perception is a wonderful thingÖ
So unfortunate are we to be caught in a web of loneliness.
Struggling in this uncaring snare, we yearn for a loving heart to call our own.
Speak into the wind for it will carry our cries to the right ears.

Is there an escape?
Perhaps, yesÖIf only in the recesses of our minds.
Wait and listenÖHear the one searching for you.
Reach out with your soul and touch another to embrace it ever so close.

Restless, empty heartsÖ Stand still!
Listen to the sounds of silence as the wind softly kisses your skin.
Reach outÖEyes closedÖTo touch another just like you.
They too need one to trustÖTo share themselvesÖNot wanting to be alone.

Love is like the wind with many ways to go and so many stories yet to tell.
SpeakÖThen listenÖSomeone is waiting to hear and answer your pleas.
Open your arms to welcome the one calling for you.
Like a kiss in the wind, they're feelings are thereÖCarried by and through the wind.

Answer the heart that is YOUR heartÖ
They too are alone and have need of someone they can trust with their love.
Reach outÖHear and FEEL them speaking to you!
Softly, yet so loudlyÖHear the voice say, "Just kiss the windÖFor I AM HERE."

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