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NativeTech Bookpages NativeTech's Bookpages brings together in one area all the separate bibliographies which list the various books cited in NativeTech's articles. Many of the articles at the NativeTech website are researched using museum and archaeological collections, published literature as well as personal communication with contemporary Native Americans. I would like to share those sources with you. I have linked as many of my references as possible to the booksellers website, so you can have these on your own bookshelf. I've also found a few other noteworthy books they offer and have appended these to my bibliographies.

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paw Beadwork

paw Birds & Feathers

paw Birchbark

paw Branches, Twigs & Roots

paw Cattails & Grasses

paw Cornhusks

paw Food & Recipies

paw Games & Toys

paw Leather & Clothes

paw Metalwork

paw Plants & Trees

paw Porcupine Quills

paw Pottery & Clay

paw Stonework & Tools

paw Weaving & Cordage

paw Art & Other Crafts

The articles presented at NativeTech, and the book lists above, don't come close to representing the miriad of technologies developed by Native American Indians; this website represents only one person's efforts to build an internet resource for indigenous 'ethnotechnology'. The NativeTech website was born in 1994 with a single page on plants. Since that time NativeTech has grown through volunteer efforts and by space provided by NativeWeb. With your purchase of a book from through one of these links, Tara receives a small commission which helps her in the time she spends developing NativeTech as an educational resource.

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