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References cited in NativeTech's Pottery articles:

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I wish to express my appreciation for discussions about pottery
with my ex-husband Jon Lizee, and with my friend Mary Beth Williams.

Other Books relating to Pottery you can buy on-line through

Rock Dillingham, Melinda Elliott, Joan Kathryn O'Donnell (Editor)
Acoma & Laguna Pottery

Duane Anderson
All That Glitters: The Emergence of Native American Micaceous Art Pottery in Northern New Mexico

Sharon Wirt
American Indian Pottery

Victor Michael Giammattei, Darcy Paige, Nanci Reichert, Andrew Gulliford (Illustrator)
Art of a Vanished Race: The Mimbres Classic Black-On-White

Christopher B. Donnan
Ceramics of Ancient Peru

Rina Swentzell, Carly Bordeau (Illustrator), Bill Steen (Photographer), Foreword by Michael Dorris
Children of Clay: A Family of Pueblo Potters (We Are Still Here)

Allan Hayes, John Blom, Stephanie Bucholz (Editor)
Collections of SW Pottery

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Designs on Prehistoric Hopi Pottery

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Early Pottery in the Southeast: Tradition and Innovation in Cooking Technology (A Dan Josselyn Memorial Publication)

Rick Dillingham, Foreword by J. J. Brody
Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery

Alex Patterson, Alexander M. Stephen (Illustrator)
Hopi Pottery Symbols

Toni Roller, Ted Roller (Illustrator)
Indian Pottery

Marcia Muth, Mina Yamashita (Illustrator)
Indian Pottery of the Southwest: A Selected Bibliography

Susan Peterson
Lucy M. Lewis: American Indian Potter

Michael W. Simpson
Making Native American Pottery

Jesse Walter Fewkwes, Jesse W. Fewkes, J. Walter Ferkes
The Mimbres: Art and Archaeology

Katherine Gleason, Meryl Henderson (Illustrator)
Native American Clay Pots

Ruth Leah Bunzel
The Pueblo Potter

Kenneth M. Chapman
Pueblo Pottery Designs (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)

Betty Toulouse, Nancy H. Warren (Photographer)
Pueblo Pottery of the New Mexico Indians: Ever Constant, Ever Changing (A Museum of New Mexico Press Guidebook)

Barbara A. Babcock, Guy Monthan (Editor), Doris Monthan (Editor)
The Pueblo Storyteller: Development of a Figurative Ceramic Tradition

Alfreda W. Maloof
Recollections from My Time in the Indian Service, 1935-1943: Maria Martinez Makes Pottery

Charlotte Smith Neyland
Southwest Traveler: A Travelers Guide to Southwest Indian Arts and Crafts (Southwest Traveler Guidebooks)

Allan Hayes, John Blom
Southwestern Pottery: Anasazi to Zuni

James R. Cunkle
Talking Pots: Deciphering the Symbols of a Prehistoric People : A Study of the Prehistoric Pottery Icons of the White Mountains of Arizona

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Talking With the Clay: The Art of Pueblo Pottery

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To Touch the Past: The Painted Pottery of the Mimbres People

Patrick Eddington, Susan Makov
The Trading Post Guidebook: Where to Find the Trading Posts, Galleries, Auctions, Artists, and Museums of the Four Corners Region

Linda B. Eaton
Tradition and Innovation: The Pottery of New Mexico's Pueblos (Plateau, Vol 61 No 3)

James R. Cunkle
Treasures of Time: A Fully Illustrated Guide to Prehistoric Ceramics of the Southwest

Byrd Baylor, Tom Bahti (Illustrator)
When Clay Sings

Owen Lindauer, Peter H. McCartney
The Archaeology of Schoolhouse Point Mesa, Roosevelt Platform Mound Study: Report on the Schoolhouse Point Mesa Sites, Schoolhouse Management Group, Pinto Creek Complex (Roosevelt Monograph Series, 8)

J. J. Brody
Beauty from the Earth: Pueblo Indian Pottery from the University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Mark E. Supnick
Collecting Shawnee Pottery: A Pictorial Reference and Price Guide

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Diving for Northwest Relics

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From Our Native Clay Art: Art Pottery from the Collections of the American Ceramic Arts Society

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Navajo Pottery: Traditions and Innovations

Michael Lind, Ronald M. Spores (Editor), Paula M. McNutt (Editor)
Navajo Pottery: Traditions and Innovations

Jerome W. Freeman, Freeman Mary E. Wilkins (Editor), Ronald L. Robinson (Editor)
Starting from Here: Dakota Poetry, Pottery, & Caring

H. P. Mera
Style Trends of Pueblo Pottery, 1500-1840

Marian E. Rodee, James Ostler
Zuni Pottery

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