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References cited in NativeTech's Quillwork articles:

Bebbington, Julia M.
1983 Quillwork of the Plains.

Glenbow Museum, Ottawa, National Museums of Canada.
... Some good info not found elsewhere and great pictures of good old pieces.

Bock, Philip K.
1978 "Micmac". In Handbook of the North American Indians, Vol. 15.

Edited by Bruce G. Trigger. Smithsonian Institution: Washington, D.C.
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Brasser, Ted J.
1976 Bo Jou, Neejee!

National Museum of Man, National Museums of Canada, Ottawa.
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Gilman, Carolyn
1982 Where Two Worlds Meet: The Great Lakes Fur Trade.

Minnesota Historical Society, St Paul.
... Not much in the book about quillwork, but the front and back covers are fabulous. An early Metis coat displaying more than 6 different kinds of quillwork is pictured there in detail.
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Heinbuch, Jean
1990 A Quillwork Companion.

Eagle's View Publishing, Liberty, Utah ... An excellent reference for hands on learning, with a section of braintanning and natural dyes.
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Hensler, Christy Ann
1989 Guide to Indian Quillworking.

Hancock House, Blaine, Washington.
... Good how-to reference. Lots of hand drawn diagrams and not many photographs of work in progress. Very basic.
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Hothem, Lar
1990 North American Indian Ornamental & Ceremonial Artifacts.

Books Americana: Florence, Alaska.

King, J.H.C.
1993 "Woodlands Art as depicted by Sarah Stone in the Collection of Sir Ashton Lever". In American Indian Art Magazine.

Vol.18 No.2/Spring, American Indian Art, Inc.: Scottsdale, Arizona.

Peers, Laura and Katherine Pettipas
1996 "Reverend John West's Collection: Red River, 1820-1823" In American Indian Art Magazine.

Vol.21 No.3/Summer, American Indian Art, Inc.: Scottsdale, Arizona.

Lyford, Carrie A.
1979 Quill and Beadwork of the Western Sioux.

Johnson Books, Boulder, Colorado (reprint of 1940 edition from the US Department of Interior).
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Miles, Charles
1963 Indian and Eskimo Artifacts of North America.

Bonanza Books: New York.

Orchard, William, C.
1984 The Technique of Porcupine Quill Decoration Among the Indians of North America.

Eagles View Publishing, Ogden, Utah
... The definitive work on quillwork, originally published in 1919, describing just about every style imaginable. The book tells how it was done NOT how to do it, but is very thorough.
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Reynolds, Barrie
1978 "Beothuk". In Handbook of the North American Indians, Vol. 15.

Edited by Bruce G. Trigger. Smithsonian Institution: Washington, D.C.
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Ripley, Damon
date unknown "What to do with a Dead Porcupine"

For "Small Business & Crafts" in Yankee Magazine.

Schneider, Richard C.
1972 Crafts of the North American Indians; A Craftsman's Manual.

Richard Schneider, Publisher: Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
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Smith, Cathy
1985 "Quillworking" in The Book of Buckskinning III.

W.H. Scurlock, ed., Rebel Publishing, Texarkana, Texas.
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Zender, Jan and Rochelle Dale
1995 "Great Lakes and Eastern Woodlands Knife Sheaths" in The Book of Buckskinning VII.

W.H.Scurlock, ed., Scurlock Publishing Co., Inc., Texarkana, Texas (p. 106-133).
... Good pictures of Eastern Style work, some original and some reproductions. Some good pictures of some rare and beautiful workmanship
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Thank you Nancy for your great list of quillwork references!

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Cohlene, Terri and Charles Reasoner (Illustrator)
Quillworker (Native American Legends)

Whitehead, Ruth Holmes
Micmac Quillwork: Micmac Indian Techniques of Porcupine Quill Decoration : 1600-1950

Halvorson, Mark J. and Todd Strand (Photographer)
Sacred Beauty: Quillwork of Plains Women

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