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References cited in NativeTech's Indigenous Plants articles:

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NATIVE-L Archive
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I graciously thank the following people for information provided through personal communication:
Alice Luster ~ Nipmuc
Fred Palmer ~ Micmac/Abenaki
Courtney Anderson ~ Nanticoke

Other Books relating to Indigenous Plants you can buy on-line through

Lorraine Johnson,Andrew Leyerle (Photographer)
100 Easy-to-Grow Native Plants: For American Gardens in Temperate Zones

Edith A. Roberts,Elsa Rehmann
American Plants for American Gardens

Patricia A. Taylor
Easy Care Native Plants: A Guide to Selecting and Using Beautiful American Flowers, Shrubs, and Trees in Gardens and Landscapes

Gary Paul Nabhan,Wendell Berry
Enduring Seeds: Native American Agriculture and Wild Plant Conservation

Sandra S. Strike
Ethnobotany of the California Indians: Aboriginal Uses of Californias Indigeneous Plants

Erna Gunther,Jeanne R. Janish (Illustrator)
Ethnobotany of Western Washington: The Knowledge and Use of Indigenous Plants by Native Americans

Nancy J. Turner
Food Plants of Coastal First Peoples (Handbook (Royal British Columbia Museum).)

Nancy J. Turner,Royal British Columbia Museum
Food Plants of Interior First Peoples (Royal British Columbia Museum Handbook)

Daniel E. Moerman
Geraniums for the Iroquois: A Field Guide to American Indian Medicinal Plants

Raymond Stark
Guide to Indian Herbs

James A. Duke
Handbook of Northeastern Indian Medicinal Plants (Bioactive Plants, 3)

Ana Nez Heatherley
Healing Plants: A Medicinal Guide to Native North American Plants and Herbs

Leinad Ayer O. Santos,LGucia M. M. de Andrade,Robin Wright (Translator)
Hydroelectric Dams on Brazil's Xingu River and Indigenous Peoples (Cultural Survival Report, 30)

James W. Herrick,Dean R. Snow (Editor)
Iroquois Medical Botany

Jennie Goodrich,Claudia Lawson,Vana P. Lawson
Kashaya Pomo Plants

Michael J. Caduto,Carol Wood (Illustrator),Joseph Bruchac
Keepers of Life: Discovering Plants through Native American Stories and Earth Activities for Children (Keepers of the Earth)

Michael J. Caduto,With Joseph Bruchac
Keepers of Life: Discovering Plants Through Native Ameriecan Stories and Earth Activities for Children (Teacher's Edition)

Kelly Kindscher,William S. Whitney (Illustrator)
Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie: An Ethnobotanical Guide

Jeff Hart,Jacqueline Moore (Illustrator)
Montana Native Plants & Early Peoples

Leland Clifton Wyman,Stuart Kimball Harris
Navajo Indian Medical Ethnobotany (University of New Mexico Bulletin Anthropological Series, Vol 3, No 5)

Stella Young,Nonabah Gorman. Bryan,Charles Keetsie. Shirley
Navajo Native Dyes: Their Preparation and Use

Kathryn Phillips
Paradise by Design: Native Plants and the New American Landscape

Arthur Caswell Parker,William N. Fenton (Editor)
Parker on the Iroquois (New York State Studies (Syracuse Univ))

Lyda Averill Paz. Taylor
Plants Used As Curatives by Certain Southeastern Tribes

Ruth E. Merrill
Plants Used in Basketry by the California Indians

Lowell J. Bean,Katherine S. Saubel
Temalpakh: Cahuilla Indian Knowledge and Usage of Plants

Peter Loewer,Henry David Thoreau
Thoreau's Garden: Native Plants for the American Landscape

John P. Harrington
Tobacco Among the Karuk Indians of California (Bureau of American Ethnology Series)

Melvin R. Gilmore
Uses of Plants by the Indians of the Missouri River Region (Enlarged Edition)

Matilda Coxe Stevenson
The Zuni Indians and Their Uses of Plants

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