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References cited in NativeTech's Birchbark articles:

Coe, Ralph T.
1986 Lost and Found Traditions, Native American Art 1965-1985.

New York: University of Washington Press in Association with the American Federation of Arts.
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Densmore, Frances
1974 How Indians Use Wild Plants for Food, Medicine and Crafts.

New York: Dover Publications, Inc.
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De Forest, John W.
1852 History of the Indians of Connecticut from the Earliest Known Period to 1850.

Hartford, CT: W. J. Hamersley.
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Dina, James
Voyage of the Ant.

... Written and experienced by a friend of mine who lives in South Windsor, CT. This book has photographs and line drawings depicting 'A Stone Age quest in a birch bark canoe built with tools of stone and bone' with which he 'completed an arduous canoe trip up the Connecticut River, against both wind and current'. I know that everything Jim does is not only perfect and perfectly functional - but is also done *completely* using traditional tools and techniques. He built this canoe over 15 years ago and it still floats as well as it did he day it was made!
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Gidmark, David
1995 Birchbark Canoes of the Algonquin.

In American Indian Art Magazine: Vol.20, No.3. pg.s 54-63. Scottsdale, Arizona.
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Gookin, Daniel
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Hall, Edward (editor)
1986 A Way of Life.

Northwest Territories, Department of Renewable Resources: Yellowknife, NWT ISBN: 0-7708-7146-1
... This book has an excellent section on making a one-two person spruce bark canoe with great photographs and detailed drawings for making a canoe using the 1983 description from Johhny Klondike, Fort Laird.
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Josselyn, John
1972 New-Englandís Rarities Discovered.

Meriden: Meriden Gravure Co. (First published 1672).
New-Englands Rarities Discovered

Ritzenthaler, Robert E. and Pat Ritzenthaler
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Russell, Howard
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Hanover: University Press of New England.
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Speck, Frank G.
1976 Penobscot Man: The Life History of a Forest Tribe in Maine.

New York: Octagon Books.
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Wilbur, C. Keith
1990 Indian Handcrafts; How to Craft Dozens of Practical Objects Using Traditional Indian Techniques.

Chester, CT: Globe Pequot Press.
... has simple instructions for making an eastern Woodlands dug-out canoe using some 'modern conveniences'
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Wilbur, C. Keith
1978 The New England Indians.

Pequot Press: Chester, CT.
... has simple instructions for making an eastern Woodlands birchbark canoe
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Massie, Larry B.
Birchbark Belles: Women on the Michigan Frontier (Michigan)

Gidmark, David
Birchbark Canoe: The Story of an Apprenticeship With the Indians

Kent, Timothy J.
Birchbark Canoes of the Fur Trade (Volumes I)

Erdrich, Louise
The Birchbark House

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