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Web site services:
  • Graphics & Logo Development
  • HTML Web Page Design
  • Dynamic Scripts (php, java scripts, style sheets)
  • Custom Forms and Databases *
Web site design fee:
  • Single page $25/hr.
  • 2-5 pages $200
  • 6-14 pages $400
  • 15-25 pages $600
  • $20/hr.
  • (Half hour minimum) $25 to $50 Use Fee"

  • Hosting Requirements: The above prices quoted are for Design fees only. If you do not have a current web site host, you will be responsible for the costs of registering ** your domain name and selecting a hosting package with the Web host of your choice. I recommend using for both Domain Registration and Web Hosting. You may visit their website or call 1-800-361-5712 to speak with Network Solutions sales.

    (Native American, First Nations, or Indigenous organizations may contact for special Hosting arrangements!)

  • Examples of Network Solutions (UNIX *** platform) hosting package options:
    Standard Hosting $120/yr 3gb space 25 email addresses
    Advanced Hosting $160/yr 5gb space 50 email addresses
    (disk storage: 1page = 250 mb, 5 page = 1gb, 10+page = 2gb)

    **Domain Name registration with network solutions is free with annual hosting

    Limitations: *I have not worked with secure shopping carts or e-commerce sites. ***I do not work with Microsoft Front-Page and can not utilize my php scripts on Windows Server Platforms. (If you sign up with Network Solutions, and I am building your website ‘from scratch’, please be sure to request a “Unix Server Platform” with your Hosting Package).

  • Web Site Design & Development:

    Requesting Written Permission of NativeTech Materials:

    Any reproduction/transmission of NativeTech's text and/or images (excluding not-for-profit classroom use, or single printing of articles for non-commercial personal use) requires written permission. Any reproduction of NativeTech materials to be stored or displayed on other websites requires written permission. The use of most original NativeTech illustrations or articles will require a $25 to $50 one-time use fee. This fee may either be made payable directly to Tara Prindle, the author & illustrator of Nativetech, or it can be made in the form of a Tax-deductable Donation to NativeWeb, Inc., who graciously provides hosting for the NativeTech web site.

    To request written permission for commercial use of any material from NativeTech, or to inquire about graphic or web design, contact Tara Prindle , the author, designer and developer of NativeTech.

    Please be aware that all text and images on the NativeTech website are © Tara Prindle, unless specifically cited otherwise.

    I encourage classroom use of my NativeTech web site. Students and teachers may print-out text and/or images without restriction or prior permission for use in a non-internet classroom setting.
    Note: The following statement should be included on each copy:

    Copyright © Tara Prindle , NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art.
    Internet URL:

    The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of reproductions of copyrighted material, including but not limited to downloading, printing, and performance (i.e. display.) Any individual who uses copies of NativeTech's web site text and/or images ( for purposes in excess of "fair use" as defined by the copyright law may be liable for copyright infringement.

    Note: I have included among the NativeTech pages some text that is copyrighted to others -- it will always be cited as such. I have scanned & hand colored some images from books copyrighted to others -- they will alwalys be cited as such. Text/images attributed to others have either been contributed to NativeTech by the author/artist, or the text/image has been used under copyright laws relating to educational Fair Use. I can not grant permission for the use of text/images attibuted to others, permission for their use must be granted by the original author/artist.

    Permission has *not* been granted for 'Public Domain' use of NativeTech's text/backgrounds/images.

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