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POINT: Projectile Point Classification Program

POINT is a type/matching program written by Tara Prindle for the IBMPC (MSDOS). Morphological attributes of projectile points are input by the user and the program finds matching type names and provides estimated date ranges.

POINT uses Ritchie's (1970) and Dincauze's (1976) projectile point type descriptions. This program includes most of the known projectile point types used by archaeologists in New England. Archaeologists working outside the region may not find the program useful but the classification approach used by the program should be of interest to anyone doing lithic analysis.

Point Program Screen Shot
To download the POINT program, click here.
The downloaded file,, contains three files to unzip:
point.exe (DOS program file), point.txt (program doccumentation), and readme.txt

Documentation for POINT is available on-line.

  • Catalogue of Southern New England point types used by POINT
  • Description of variables used by the program
  • Notes on the POINT program

    The author has no plans to create similar programs for other geographical regions.

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