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Select the general morphology of the projectile point before in-putting values for variables for projectile point identification. [Corner-Notched, Side-Notched, Stemmed or Triangular/Lanceolate]

Lithic material type and Provenience variables must be specified only if saving an identified projectile point to a data file. After selecting (SAVE RESULT) off of the Point Identification Screen, Input the specified Provenance variables on the Provenience Screen.

After selecting (SAVE) off of the Provenience Screen, Input the desired file name or a new file name to save the identified projectile point information to disk.

Twenty-one Variables are recorded for each identified projectile point. The first five Variables record provenience and material type. The other nineteen Variables record the morphological attributes input or calculated from the information used to identify the projectile point. The variables are arranged on three lines of data in standard ASCII text format and can be edited with any text editor. The three-line record for every projectile point consists of the following variables of the specified data types:

Line 1: Site Number AS STRING * 10
Inv # AS STRING * 6
Unit AS STRING * 8
Material AS STRING * 15
==> site name or number
==> inventory number
==> unit
==> depth (or Ending depth of level)
==> lithic material type
Line 2: Point Type AS STRING * 28
Point Form AS STRING * 15
Point Date AS STRING * 20
==> point type
==> general morphology
==> date range of point type
Line 3: Deviation AS INTEGER
==> number of avg. standard deviations from mean type
==> lgn lgn lgn lgn
==> wdt wdt wid wid

Corner Side Stemmed Triangle
Base Length AS SINGLE blgn blgn slgn baCon
Base Width AS SINGLE bwdt bwdt swdt -
Notch AS SINGLE notch notch - -
Base Ratio AS SINGLE baRatio baRatio stRatio baConRatio
Base/Distal AS STRING * 1 baForm baForm baForm baDform
Base/Lateral AS STRING * 1 - - stForm baLform
Base/Other AS STRING * 1 - - ShJunct baOther
Blade Ratio AS SINGLE blRatio blRatio blRatio blRatio
Blade Curvature AS STRING * 1 blForm blForm blForm blFlorm
PntAngle AS SINGLE ShAngle ShAngle ShAngle baAngle

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