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<center><b><i><font size=2>(Contemporary) Miccosukee Indian Village Museum.</font</i><center>
(Contemporary) Miccosukee Indian Village Museum.
for The Plain Shirt

by M. E. (Pete) Thompson

in 19th Century Seminole Men`s Clothing
Rick Obermeyer ~ Editor

Mark the dimensions indicated below, after measuring them on yourself with the help of a friend. If you don't have a tape measure, use a string and a ruler. (1) Collarbone to knee; (2) Shoulder width run behind the neck, plus 2"; (3) Shoulder to wrist joint, measured with elbow held at 90 degree angle; (4) Ioose circumference of neck; (5) Loose wrist circumference, plus 1 inch; (6) Circumference of expanded chest or of relaxed stomach, whichever is greater; (7) Circumference of flexed bicep plus 4 - 2 inches. Add 1/2 inch to all measurements to allow for 1/4 inch seams.

Note: The gusset in this type of shirt was once included as part of the sleeve. After about l900,lt was cut as a separate piece. In any case,it should be NO smaller than 8" square. Considcr a 10" square if you're over 200 lbs.

Exploded view after Sturtevant, 1967

(c) 1983 M. E. Thompson

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