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Leather and Clothes
Regional Overview of Clothing Styles with annotated sketches
Overview of Native American Footwear ~ Moccasins
Mittens and Gloves
Leather Bags and Pouches
Puzzle Pouches
Tanning and the Preservation of Other Animal Parts

19th Century Seminole Men's Clothing
Contributed by Rick Obermeyer, Editor

The Plain Shirt ~ by M. E. (Pete) Thompson
The Long Shirt ~ by M. E. (Pete) Thompson and Rick Obermeyer
The Creek/Seminole Moccasins ~ notes from a Darry Wood demonstration
Leggings ~ by Pete Thompson and Rick Obermeyer
Breech Cloths ~ by Rick obermeyer
Turbans ~ by Rick Obermeyer
Beaded Pouches & Bandoliers ~ by David J. Mott and Rick Obermeyer
Accessories ~ Various Quotes
Face Painting ~ by David Mott and Rick Obermeyer

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