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<I><FONT SIZE=2>Adapted from The North American Indian Portfolios, 1993 ~ Library of Congress</FONT></I>
Adapted from The North American Indian Portfolios, 1993 ~ Library of Congress
Peace Medals
for Seminole Outfits

by Michael R. Brown (revised Jan. 1991)

in 19th Century Seminole Men`s Clothing
Rick Obermeyer ~ Editor

These medals were given out as tokens of friendship and symbols of allegiance to the U.S. They were given out for many reasons; not just for treaties, but for 'services' to the U.S.

How to Wear A Peace Medal

[If your medal has an added ring, Remove it!]

Large- Principal Village Chiefs
Medium - Principal War Chiefs.
Small - Least Distinguished Chiefs & Warriors.

Choose your Time Period and Choose your Medal:

1823 (Tr. Of Moultre Creek) James Madison James Monroe
1826, 27 John Quincy Adams
1849, 50 Zachery Taylor
1852 [maybe] Millard Filmore (no smalls)

Other Presidents are Possible

Information Source:

"Indian Peace Medals in American History", Francis Paul Prucha, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1971
Sources of Peace Medals:

U.S. Mint
PO Box 41997
Philadelphia, PA 19101-1977

Request a copy of U.S. Mint Medals Catalog

Sell Reproductions in Bronze of Large (3 in.) and a modern small size (1 5/16 in) [not shown].

As the originals were silver, these reproductions should be plated to look authentic. One person coated one with silver solder. Looked good.

Adapted from "Covenant Chain", Jaye Frederickson and Sandra Gibb, 1980

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