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(Rosa multiflora)
MULTIFLORA ROSE Food: Although it's easy to identify a member of the rose family, it's sometimes difficult to distinguish between species of the rosa family. Fortunately, all members of the rose family have edible fruits. Gather rose hips in autumn after the frost or in winter. Remove all flower parts and any seeds contained when the hips are split open. Flower petals and leaves may be prepared for teas.

About Roses: There are about 35 species of roses native to North America and several introduced species (including Multifora Rose) that now grow wild on roadsides and thrive in disturbed soils. Multiflora Rose is one of the European introduced plants which, akin to Japanese Barberry and Asian Bittersweet, have established themselves so well in the woodlands that they've taken over areas where indigenous plants once thrived. Thank you Jeff Boverman, for reminding me that although Rosa multiflora is widespread and now grows wild throughout New England, the shrub is not native to North America.

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