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In the northern reaches of the Eastern Forests, birchbark was an essential resource for Native American survival. Besides canoes, containers, utensils and fans, there are many less commonly known items made from birchbark. For a rattle, the bark is folded over, filled with pebbles or seeds, wrapped with a string and plugged with a corn cob stopper. A rigid sheet of bark can be pealed to the desired thickness, torch tinder and especially for wrapping and preserving food or medicine in packets. In addition to animal calls, weapons accessories such as quivers and archers arm guards are also made from birchbark. Penobscot made a birchbark ball and triangle game for their children. Ojibway (Chippewa) women made beautiful birchbark transparensies and cutouts both for amusement and for use in beadwork design.

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