Nipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut
Nipmuc Basket Design
Quinnehtukqut Nipmuc News NIAC's Newsletter ~ published quarterly
The Red Pages A directory of Native American Resources in New England
John Acquittamaug Historical Series ~ Number 1
Praying Towns Historical Series ~ Number 2
Nipmuc Place Names of New England Historical Series ~ Number 3
Nipmuc Continuity in present-day Woodstock, CT
Nipmuc Splint Baskets Prepared for the exhibit on Nipmuc Baskets, June 30, 1996
Natick Dictionary Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 25, 1903. Reprinted by NIAC
After King Philip's War; Enslavement of Indian Children; Indian 'Concentration Camps' Historical Series ~ Number 4

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Cornerstone Foundation Award In August '96, N.I.A.C's Web pages recieved the coveted Cornerstone Foundation Award for "Excellence in Information". No more than the top 2% of the total sites nominated qualify to receive this honor. This prestigious award was created to showcase and give recognition to extraordinary sites throughout the World Wide Web. Those nominated for the Cornerstone Foundation Award do not compete against each other - but are judged against a high standard of excellence.

Native American Who's Hot Award In September '96, we were presented with the Native American Who's Hot Award. For Native Americans who exhibit their personal home pages and pride in their culture, this award recognizes Native American Homepages that exhibit the Health of the Indian Nations.

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