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Display of Nipmuc Indian Baskets ~ June 30, 1996
sponsored by the Nipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut
at the Connecticut Historical Society in Hartford.

Quinnehtukqut Nipmuc News Vol.3 No.3 - July 1996

Many were left breathless at the sight of Nipmuc baskets made over a hundred years ago. Thanks to Richard Malley, registrar for The Connecticut Historical Society, 16 well-preserved pre-1850 Nipmuc Baskets of various shapes and sizes, and with a variety of hand-painted designs were on exhibit for our program!

The talk and slide show given by our guest speaker, Dr. Russell Handsman, included information about the area of Connecticut with which he is currently most familiar Weantinock (Schaghticoke), as well as information on the Nipmuc baskets. We were extremely fortunate to have film maker Jeff Holda taped the program for us; it will be presented as a 1-hour show on cable TV later this year.

Joan Luster and Tara Prindle prepared two leaflets especially for the program: Nipmuc Splint Baskets contains information on our basket-making tradition and on Nipmuc basket designs; Nipmuc Continuity in Woodstock, CT, tells about some of the Nipmuc living in Woodstock in the 1700s and 1800s, including basket-makers who undoubtedly made some of the baskets that were on exhibit.

Refreshments, generously donated by Duane & Alice Luster, amounted to a feast! We are truly grateful to each and every person who contributed to the success of this very special program.

You can order a copy of the book A Key into the LANGUAGE of WOODSPLINT BASKETS, which includes a wealth of information & photos of baskets & designs made by Nipmuc, Mohegan, Schaghticoke, Pequot, and other Natives of New England, from: The Institute for American Indian Studies, PO Box 1260, Washington, CT 06793. Price: $25.20 (including postage & handling).

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