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(Fraxinus species)
ASH Medicine: Medicine: Chippewa made a tonic from the inner bark of ash, and they used a decoction of dried ash roots as an ingredient in enemas. Application of the sap from the White ash (F. americana) was used by Connecticut Native Americans to treat cancerous growths. Other antiseptic or diuretic medicines were made from the leaves, bark or seeds of White ash.

Technology: Technology: Black ash (F. nigra) bark was collected in sheets and used to cover wigwam frames. Snowshoe frames, sleds, and other items were made by carving and bending the wood. White ash was used to carve ladles by the Iroquois. Basket splints were made by pounding apart the growth rings, or layers, of soaked ash trunks. Splints were finished for weaving by cutting to size and hand splitting the ash into fine ribbons of wood.

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