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tree-use by Native Americans is often associated with the bark which has many applications in weaving. Cedar twigs, greenery and all, have both sacred uses (as in smudging and purification rituals) as well as secular use. One such secular use for cedar twigs is the 'ring and pin' game, a traditional game played by the Penobscot, a northeastern tribe. The game is sometimes referred to as a lover's pastime, as it serves as an excuse for introduction between two people, in which a person can simply refuse to play the game if they are not interested in the other person. The game consists of a wooden pin attached to a bundle of wrapped cedar twigs. The object of the game is to try and spear the bunch of twigs the most times. Each player is allowed two misses before he must pass the game to the next player. One point is given for each time the pin catches the bundle. The players decide how many points wins the game. A traditional Penobscot women's dance was called 'little pines'.

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