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NativeTech is no longer maintaining a separate list of links to websites on the Internet. However, the good news is that all NativeTech links have been added to NativeWeb's comprehensive database of thousands of topically organized links!

There are literally thousands of sites popping up on the Internet that can be viewed as resources for, or about, Native Americans - from the Arctic to Peru, and from Hawaii to Newfoundland! These web sites have an incredible variety of origins, purposes and opinions. Some are constructed by corporations - some by individuals. Some are commercial - some are educational. Some web sites are maintained by Native American nations or by their official or 'unofficial' members, some sites are produced entirely by non-Natives, while others are the combined efforts of many.

While only 'G-rated' sites are linked, some people may find the content of particular web sites offensive in other ways. If you get all fired-up about something (which is good for you once in a while), the best thing to do is to e-mail the web-manager of that website! While browsing the web, look at the pages with REALLY open eyes, and try to recognize misrepresentation and when people are being taken advantage of.

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Techniques for Evaluating
American Indian Web Sites

Here are links to some of the websites I've helped develop:

Nipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut

A Line in the Sand

Waaban Aki Crafting

Stroudsburg Fur & Leather Banner

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