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Glass Beadwork
Tips on Sewing Beads to Leather

Either make a 'knotless' knot by making three stitches perpendicular to each other in the same place, OR hide knots by placing them in the path of the covering beadwork.

Breaking Out a Bead
the right way and the wrong way.

If you have found that you have added one too many beads in a row, you can 'break out' the bead with out backing up and taking out stitches. Use pliers and squeeze the bead from either end where the holes are. Always cover the area with your hand and PROTECT your EYES, DO NOT squeeze pliers ACROSS the bead or the glass fragments will cut through the string!

Before threading your needle, and durring beadwork, use beeswax (or even candle wax) to rub along your thread. Waxing the thread will keep it from fraying, twisting and tangling during beadwork. If your thread continues to twist up while you are beading, it is probably due to always making stitches in the same looping direction - you need to note the direction of the twist and give your needle a little spin in the opposite direction with each stitch.

1. For outlines - use either 'spot' or 'running' stitch to create lines of beads.

2. Fill in with 'lane' stitch rows or appliqued concentric curved lines of beads.

3. Add detail lines with applique.

Ojibwe Example of Combined Floral Designs

Glass Beadwork in the Northeast

Introduction and Use of Glass Beads

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