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Glass Beadwork
Lane Stitch Techniques with Glass Beads

Lane Stitch - useful for creating (though not limited to) geometric designs. Can be done in parallel rows of equal numbers of beads using a guideline drawn on the leather. Or it can be done 'free', letting the leather show through the background of the pattern by reducing or increasing the number of beads with each stitch.

Note: the needle does not pass all the way through the leather, use doubled nylon or poly- thread for strength or durability. String no more than seven beads at a time for a row.

1. Beads are raised slightly be keeping the row width slightly smaller than the width of the beads.

2. Keep beads in line for rows and rectangles.

3. Stagger beads, adding or subtracting one bead to each next row for triangles and diamonds.

Glass Beadwork in the Northeast

Introduction and Use of Glass Beads

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