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Glass Beadwork
Applique Techniques with Glass Beads

Applique Stitches - for bead outlining and filling with curved lines

Return Stitch Applique

Return (or Running) Stitch Applique - uses a single needle and thread. String seven beads or less on thread, backstitch through the surface of the leather, and return through one or two beads. Repeat the process.

Spot Stitch (or Two-Thread) Applique

Spot Stitch (or Two-Thread) Applique - uses two seperate needles and threads. String multiple beads on a thread which only lays on the surface of the leather. Use the second needle and thread to spot stitch around the first thread between the beads at even intervals. Repeat the process.

Glass Beadwork in the Northeast

Introduction and Use of Glass Beads

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