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Ojibwe Language Game

Below are 4 pictures and 4 words in Ojibwemowin
(the language of the Anishinaabe, Chippewa or Ojibwe people).

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There are 16 words and pictures to match in total. So, when after you've finished the first set and have checked your score, click 'NEW' for another combination of the 16 words.

Learn more about Ojibwe Language and Culture
Match the words with the pictures ...

Click on a picture and then click on the word you think matches the picture.

After you're done, click on "SCORE" to see how well you did.

To hear a word pronounced:
* Select a picture, then
* Click on the "speaker" icon

(Note: it may take a few moments for the audio files to download.)

(Hint: Having trouble? click on 'English'.)

Note: Your browser must have Java Enabled for this to work!
I recorded the words. Ojibwemowin is not my first language,
and I apologize in advance for any errors in pronounciation.

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