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Recipes from the Woodland Culture Area

('o' nanh-dah) by Miriam Lee


12 ears white corn in milky stage
1 # salt pork (lean and fat)
1 # pinto or kidney beans

Using low heat, take corn and roast on top of range (using griddle if your stove is equipped with one) and keep rotating corn until ears are a golden brown. After the corn is roasted, take ears and put on foil covered cookie sheet until cool enough to handle. Scrape each ear once or twice With a sharp knife. Corn is ready for making soup. While corn is being roasted, fill kettle (5 qt. capacity) approximately 3/4 full with hot water and put on to boil along with salt pork which has been diced in small pieces for more thorough cooking. Beans should be sorted for culls, washed twice and parboiled for approximately 35-45 minutes. After parboiling beans, rinse well in tepid water 2 or 3 times. Corn and beans should then be put in kettle with pork and cooked for about 1 hour. (Note: Beans can also be soaked overnight to cut cooking time when preparing soup).



green corn with kernels removed
fresh shelled beans
enough water to cover
salt and pepper to taste
cubed salt pork

Mix the corn and beans and cover with water. Cook the mixture over medium heat for about a half hour. (Be sure to stir the mixture to avoid scorching.) Add pepper and salt and salt pork if desired.

FROM: Our Mother Corn Mather/Fernandes/Brescia 1981

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