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Index to Bead Weaving ~ Hand-held and Loomwork Techniques

Hand-Held Beadwork Techniques
wire weave
wire weave on loom
wire weave on loom with multiple rows
double strand wire weave

Bias-Weave Beadwork Techniques
bias weave
bias weave variation

Loomed Beadwork Techniques
bow loom
loom terminology

Loomed Double-Strand Square-Weave Techniques
double strand square weave
double strand weave using over-under pattern
double strand weave with multiple rows
double strand weave using split thong

Loomed Single-Strand Square-Weave Techniques
single strand square weave with wrapped endwarps
single strand weave with under over pattern
single strand weave with twisted endwarps
single strand weave with doubled twisted warps

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