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Because NativeTech is completely unfunded and built entirely of volunteer efforts, my greatest reward is the wonderful positive feedback from you, my internet community. I am very thankful to have had my work formally recognized with several web site awards:

Point/Lycos Top5% Lycos Top5% Most Popular Sites on the Web. NativeTech recieved a high grade in all three categories: Content: 90, Design: 90, Overall: 90 (All ratings are based on a scale from 0 - 100).Their Review: "Explore Native American art and its technology. No, this site does not deal with Native American computer artists, but rather the technological roots of ancient native art. Everything from beadwork to porcupine quills is fully analyzed with histories, techniques, and meaning in Native American life. You will also find a series of essays on Native American life by author Longtrail Snowbird along with poetry and stories by other Native Americans. Not satisfied with simply reading about Native art? Then post a message to the board or try it yourself with the help of numerous craft sources. Overall, an excellent and in-depth exploration of Native American art". (29 Jan 1998).

Web of Culture NativeTech-- is awarded the Web of Culture Choice logo. The Web of Culture seeks to educate and entertain you on the topic of cross-cultural communications. (31 Jan 1998).

Duke of Url Classy Site NativeTech-- is selected and linked as a "Classy Site Pick", and received the 'Duke of Url Classy Site Pick Award', Each month the Duke of Url voluntarily designs a page for the seniors of the net-- The 50+ Friends Club. With over 35,000 hits and growing fast, this site features several popular pages, one being The Duke of Url (1 Dec 1997).

Online Educator Super Site NativeTech--has been chosen as a Super Site of the week for the Online Educator, NativeTech was added (10 Nov 1997) to their database of "Super Sites" and useful educational "hot links".

Scout Report NativeTech--has been chosen as one of the Selections for the Scout Report, (9/27/96) the premier weekly collection of useful Internet sites for discerning Internauts. Care is taken in the selection of items included in the Scout Report. Basic criteria include depth of content, author, information maintenance, and presentation. The content of each resource is briefly described.

WebCrawler Native Tech, has is deemed an outstanding Web site by the WebCrawler Select Editorial Team. A review of NativeTech appears in the October '96 edition of their catalog. The Select Editors are kind of like Internet prospectors, sifting through all the rubble and hand-selecting the only best sites they can find for their Internet directory.

Proud Eagle NativeTech graciously accepts the Proud Eagle Award. This award is for those who's homepage's are designed to better understanding between the races of this Spaceship Earth, and to those pages of outstanding excellence in page design.

Golen Feather The Golden Feather Award, a new symbol of honor and respect is offered to NativeTech and other sites which are dedicated to the sharing of information and resources which enlighten and educate the general public. The award calls attention to those sites that exhibit their concerns for, and their interests in, the Tribe of Man; both of the inner world of the personal spirit, and the outer world of this planet we call home.

Who's Hot NativeTech is presented with the Native American Who's Hot Award. For pride in Native American culture, the award recognizes Native American Homepages that exhibit the Health of the Indian Nations.

Cornerstone NativeTech's Web pages have recieved the coveted Cornerstone Foundation Award for "Excellence in Education". No more than the top 2% of the total sites nominated qualify to receive this honor. This prestigious award was created to showcase and give recognition to extraordinary sites throughout the World Wide Web. Those nominated for the Cornerstone Foundation Award do not compete against each other - but are judged against a high standard of excellence.

Wynterhawk NativeTech is honored with the Wynterhawk's Award of Excellence. The Spirit of the Wynterhawk With the essence of flight, The strength of the Firewalk, With the wisdom of experience, Comes the spirit of Wynterhawk And the insight of intuition, The knowledge of desire, The eyes of discernment And the vision to go higher... ...The absolutes of anger And awareness of all talk, Lie bleeding in the clutches Of the spirit of Wynterhawk. ---written by Ira Green, 12/93.

Crafty Links NativeTech is selected for the Crafty Link of the Day for August 23, 1996 by CKS-INFO Information On-line (Crafts / Bargain bulletin / Local businesses). All the Crafty Link Award Winners have one thing in common. They are dedicated artisans, sharing their talents for arts and crafts with the world. All levels of sites are chosen, from the simple in design and product, to the elaborate in high quality graphics and award winning photos.

Who's Cool NativeTech is chosen officially as a member of Who's Cool In America Project and, for our international friends, Who's Cool International. by the American Association for the Advancement of Cool (A3C), the cornerstone of national and international education and program service efforts to promote the attributes of COOL.

... some other awards NativeTech has received:

McGraw-Hill ProudEagle GoldenLeaf CosmicSite XSpot

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