Nipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut
The Year in Review

Since members have joined NIAC at different times, we wanted to let everyone know just what we were up to in the past year:

To Our Members and Friends:

It's hard to believe, folks, but NIAC will be entering it's eigth year in April of 2001!! We have endeavored to bring you quality programs and well-documented information about Native American history and crafts (particularly those of the Algonquian people) ... and an opportunity to get together to learn, and to socialize. It is as we had hoped, niac, "a point" at which we are reviving Native American culture and re-forming a community where all our relations are included.

As you may know, NIAC is run by a volunteer Board of Directors; we do not have paid staff. Last year, two Board positions were vacated by the resignations of Alice Luster (who served as Program & Events Committee Chair) and Pam Silvestri (who served as Membership & Fundraising Chair.) While we sincerely regret those resignations, NIAC must plan for the future by enlisting volunteer participation of more of its members. Your work as a volunteer adds up to fun for our group.

In the belief that there is something each of our members and friends can do to participate in NIAC's continued success, we are enclosing a Member Survey in our current mailed Newsletter. We hope to enlist your participation in our continued growth. Survey results will be published in our next printed newsletter.



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