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Full Circle Drum

The Full Circle Drum Scoiety of Quinnehtukqut, the name given to Connecticut by it's first peoples, is made up of many Nations unified in an effort to mend our part of the sacred hoop. Our songs are written in the Natick dialect of the Algonquin language, in an effort to refitalize the dissappearing knowledge of the language and give hope to it's continuance through times to come.

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Opening Prayer: Chief Strong Horse
(Narragansett Nation) (83 kb file)
Read the Opening Prayer translation below.

Grand Entry Song (608 kb file)

Closing Prayer: Litte Crow
(Nipmuc Nation) (1,151 kb file)

Many of the members from the original Full Circle Drum Society are now with:

Heartbeat of the Land
StrongHeart Singers

These two drums can be heard at powwows around Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

What is a Powwow?

It's Powwow season now! We hope you'll attend one -- we think you'll enjoy the experience.

We would like to thank the Creator first for his blessings and teachings, and for keeping us safe on our journeys. Special thanks to our Elders who have inspired and supported us. We give thanks to our Ancestors who fought long and hard to protect our land, customs, and traditions. This tape is dedicated to them with gratitude and admiration so that we may in some way promote the continuance of tradition.

~Full Circle Drum Society

Opening Prayer Translation

We greet all
Greetings now from the Great One
To all of you.
We give thanks to the Great Spirit
We give thanks to all wherever you are
We thank you....
- Chief Strong Horse ~ Narragansett Nation

Full Circle Poem

I draw the line between need and greed
And sort the dillemas of heart,
Test the waters, bury remains,
Dodge the poisoned dart.

How did my feet come to light
On such a cluttered path?
No crossroads warned of treacherous trails,
Of impending bitter wrath.

I look to the Sun to find my way,
To the Moon and winged friends,
They Trace the circle I've come to know
Will bring me home again.

With quiet heart I dance this path
Hear the strong and steady Drum,
Certain that soon, when the Creator wills,
Full Circle I'll have come.
- Cheryl A. Magos, Nipmuc Nation 10/92

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