Nipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut
Mat-Covered Wetu

Can you solve this

Crossword Puzzle?


1. A covering made of skin, fur or wool
2. Another name for wigwam
4. A tribe of Native Amerrcans inhabiting CT, RI & MA
5. Part of a bird used in headdresses or to fan smudge
6. A foxes home
9. Hunter - _____________
12. Bow and _____________


3. A log boat
6. A fad running animal
7. A rhythmic instrument
5. A container used to carry food and supplies
10. Another name for wetu
11. Sturdy containers used to cook were made fmm this
13. _____________ and gatherers
14. Made from shells, this highly prized item was exchanged as a permanent reminder of intertribal agreements

solution to crossword puzzle

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