Making Ready for Camp

Preparing the Whaling Gear - May 12 2006

Here are some pictures, courtesy of Joseph Napaaqtuq Sage, of the Akootchook Crew packing their whaling camp gear, the skin boat and the motor boat in preparation to set up the whaling camp out on the ice. (They use the motor boats when they have to chase the whale after they harpoon it).

Notice these are mostly young members of the crew! J

So far, Marchie Nageak Crew and Oyagak Crew caught a whale. I have no pictures though. Our crew sent the young ones to go and help butcher the whales and no camera.

Akootchook Crew's sign.

Packing up the sled Wayne Matthews John Kignak and Roy Nageak Sr.

Rex Okakok Jr and Ben Roy Sage loading up the motor.

Skin boat and the sleds almost ready.

Skin boat covered up.

Skin boat with paddles and two floats.

Using old tires to hold the motor boat on.

Whaling gear ready to go.

Whaling Camp Pictures - May 15 2006

Still no pictures of the two whales that were butchered, but here are some pictures Joseph took at the whaling camp.

You can see what it looks like at the edge of the shore ice and what the ‘open lead’ looks like.. the space between the shore ice and the pack ice.

Joseph said the lead should be opening up tonight.

Think EAST WIND lol…

A polar bear.

A whales tale.

Agviq May 2006.

Mother and baby.

Two bowheads.

More Photos from Whaling Camp - May 16 2006

Joseph said goodbye to the whale that was in front of him, and the whale’s tale waved bye back!!

Having fun.

Head of the whale.

Must be fun.

Waving bye.