Kali School Graduation
May 15, 2008

The Kali School Graduation ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 13 in Point Lay, Alaska. The individuality of the graduates stood out during the ceremony as one student wore his EMT uniform and two students chose to wear traditional atiqluks (snowshirt) and maklaks (Eskimo fur boots), marching in to traditional Inupiaq music. The mothers of the high school students gave heartfelt speeches, conveying how proud they are of their children. Members of the NSB Point Lay Volunteer Fire Department wore their uniforms to the ceremony and had a special presentation for Leo Neakok, a long time volunteer EMT. A slideshow of the senior trip to Hawaii was shown. The Kindergarten graduates sang a special song about moving up to first grade, and the brave 8th grade students read their speeches. A traditional Inupiaq dance was held following the graduation ceremony, led by three of the high school graduates.

Kindergarten graduates: Gerilynn Stalker, Nathan Henry Jr., Samuel Henry, Theodore Henry

8th Grade Promotion: Julia Neakok, Jensen Tukrook, Lee Fisher Tukrook, Janelle Young,

High School graduates: Leo Neakok, Patrick Tukrook, Esther Stalker, Bobbie Aveoganna, Williard Neakok, Chester Upicksoun

Left to Right: Bobbie Aveoganna, Patrick Tukrook, Esther Stalker, Leo Neakok, Williard Neakok and Chester Upicksoun

Graduates Williard Neakok, Chester Upicksoun and Leo Neakok lead the drumming for the Inupiaq dance.

Graduates Williard Neakok, Chester Upicksoun and Leo Neakok lead the drumming for the Inupiaq dance.

Members of the Point Lay community join in on the Inupiaq dance.

Theodore Henry, Gerilynn Stalker, Nathan Henry Jr and Samuel Henry are promoted to First Grade.

Chester Upicksoun, left, and Williard Neakok march in Inupiaq style by traditionally dancing to Inupiaq music.

Supporting Leo Neakok.jpg Left to Right: Back row: Jay Henry, Bill Tracey Sr., Alfred Stalker, AJ Neakok, Leo Neakok and Tom Saxton. Front row: Lupita Tukrook, Susie Neakok and Marie Tracey. The Point Lay Volunteer Fire Department, dressed in their uniforms, came to support their volunteer, Leo Neakok, as he graduated from high school.

Photos by Mary Anniagruk Sage.