Anaktuvuk Pass

Here are a few photos from my quick trip to Anaktuvuk Pass for the high school graduation. Was very hard to leave this beautiful village, and I was very thankful that B3, Payuk and Rainey took me on a quick trip to the mountains for a picnic. (more pics later)

Benjamin Hopson III displays one of his several wolf skins from his trip from Barrow to Anaktuvuk Pass via snow machine.

Ada Lincoln.jpg Ada Lincoln of Anaktuvuk Pass cuts up fresh polar bear meat from Delbert Rexford of Barrow. Ada was given a large amount of meat, and decided to cut it up and cook it in time for the Nunamiut High School graduation ceremony. The other half of the meat was used a few days later for the Memorial Day picnic. Delbert shared the meat with several residents of Anaktuvuk Pass, who then shared it with the rest of the community, true to following the Inupiaq value of sharing.

Here are more pictures from last Saturday (6-19-09 ) in one of the most beautiful places on earth Anaktuvuk Pass! Nestled in the northern Brooks Range..

AKP River

Local Anaktuvuk Pass elder Grace Ekak walks through the village on a beautiful summer day.

Rachel Sisoulik Riley displays the caribou skin masks she is currently working on. These masks originated in Anaktuvuk Pass when tourists started to fly there in the 1950s. With plenty of caribou skins available, local artisans created the skin masks to sell to the tourists. Masks from Anaktuvuk Pass are distinguished from other villages by their darker color of the caribou skin, which is enhanced by using tea leaves in the soaking process. In this picture, you can see a few of the wooden molds used to shape the drying caribou skin into a face shape. Sisoulik is holding a matching female/male set she is almost finished with.

A close up of the completed female caribou skin mask made by Rachel Sisoulik Riley.

Photos by Mary Anniagruk Sage.