Coil Basket Forms

Basket form is determined by the specific placement of the coil being added. The basket flat basket bottom is achieved by joining each coil directly to the side of the last coil added, spiraling in an outward direction. When the desired diameter of basket bottom is reached (3-4 in. for a medium sized basket) then the added coil is joined, at almost a 45 degree angle, on top of the last coil added. This 'turns the corner' (a hard angle) from the basket bottom to building up the wall of the basket.

If a cylinder shaped basket is desired, then each coil is added exactly on top of the last coil. If you wish the basket wall to expand gradually into a bowl shape, then the new coils should be placed the tiniest bit to the outside of the previous coils. If a vase or constricted form is desired then the coils added should be placed the tiniest bit to the inside of previous coils.

Coil basket rims are finished using the same stitch the basket walls used. When the desired size of the basket is reached, taper the coil of pine needles, with each element in the bundle a different length, and continue stitching until the bundle runs out and tapers to nothing. You may stitch back through the same holes in the reverse direction around the rim, resulting in a 'double-wrapped' rim. This not only adds strength to the basket rim, but also creates a pleasing 'X' design on the basket rim.

Splicing in new string Closed-coiling Stitches