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NIAC's Links to Genealogical Resources on the Internet

Delineating your personal genealogy is time and energy consuming! NIAC is not an organization for genealogical research, but if you wish to pursue it on your own, these Internet links may help you...

NativeWeb's Resources: Genealogy (Tracing Roots) A good starting point for links to general genealogical research.

Cat's Page With links to Genealogy pages, including Ontario Geneology, Native Roots, Everton's Geneology, and Potawatomi Geneology.

Cherokee National Historical Society Newsletter An exciting Volunteers in Preservation program in the Archives has made an immense amount of progress in its preservation and genealogy efforts. A new docent program for the Museum has high hopes of improving community relations and implementing historical interpretation into the Rural Village.

Gail Morin's Metis Families The purpose of this home page is to develop a place for sharing information on the history of the Metis people. This site contains census indexes, stories, family genealogies, marriage records, and sources for research. The region includes: the Red River Settlement (Manitoba), Saskatchewan, Alberta, Quebec, Montana, and North Dakota.

Genealogy Part of the History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers Doing genealogical research is always a high interest activity for students of all ages. In addition to the rewards of a personal nature, research creates a host of opportunities to practice and integrate social studies skills learned or that need to be learned. Family histories written today provide some of the primary resource material for the historians of the future.

The Genealogy Home Page Genealogy Help and Guides / Libraries / Maps, Geography, Deeds and Photography / Newsgroups and Mailing Lists / Searching for related genealogists / On line genealogy information / Internet Guides and Genealogy Home Pages / North American Genealogy Resources / World-Wide Genealogy Resources / Genealogy Software / Genealogy Societies / Upcoming Genealogy Events / Commercial Services

Genealogy Information Sources General Genealogy Sources / United States Reference Sources / Sources by Location: Georgia Genealogical Information, German Genealogy, Illinois Regional Archives Depository, Indiana State Archives, Kansas Genealogy, Kentucky Records, Maryland State Archives, Madison County, Iowa Marriages, 1850-1880, New York State Archives, Oregon State Archives, Public Domain Land Sales in Illinois, South Dakota--Walworth Co. Landowners - 1906, Roots Location List

Genealogy Online The Emcee Internet Directory / Online 1880 census / Catalog of microfilmed census schedules / All Home Pages at Genealogy Online / The National Genealogical Society / PAF Review / Genealogy BBS List / Genealogy Events Calendar / The Genealogy Online FTP archives - / Genealogy Internet 'lists.' - / Soundex Conversion / Free telnet / email services / Receive more information by email / Server Access Counts

Genealogy Resources on the Internet Index: Adoption / African Americans / Alabama / Alaska / American Indians / Archaeology / Archives and Manuscripts / Arizona / Arkansas / Associations and Societies / Australia and New Zealand/ Beginner's Corner / Belgium / Biographies/ California / Canada / Cemetery Data / Charlemagne Descendants / Chicano/Latino / Civil War, United States / Colorado / Commercial Enterprises / Connecticut / Coombsweb, Australian National University/ Delaware / Dutch Resources / Eastern Europe / European Resources / Everton's Genealogical Helper/ Famous People / Florida / France/French Genealogy / GEDCOM (see also GenWeb)/ Genealogy Home Pages / GenWeb / Geography, Maps / Georgia / Germany / Graphics, Photos, etc / Hawaii / Heraldry / Hispanic Resources / History / Home Pages (personal)/ Idaho / Illinois / Indiana / Internet Information Sites / Iowa / Irish Genealogy / Isle of Man / Italy/ Jewish Genealogy/ Kansas / Kentucky/ Latter Day Saints (LDS) / Libraries / Louisiana / Luxembourg / Maine / Maryland / Massachusettes / Michigan / Military Resources (See specific country.)/ Minnesota / Mississippi / Missouri / Montana / Moravia / Nebraska / Netherlands / New England / New Hampshire / New Jersey / New Mexico / New York / Newspapers / North Carolina / North Dakota / Norway / Obituaries / Ohio / Oklahoma / Oregon / Organizations / Passenger Lists; Ships; Ship Museums / Pennsylvania / Publications / Reference / Religions / Rhode Island / Roots-L Mailing List / Russia / Scandinavia / Scotland / soc.genealogy newsgroups / Software / Software Mailing Lists / South Carolina / South Dakota / Soviet / Spain / Surname Mailing Lists / Surnames (see also Home Pages) / Sweden / Swiss Resources / Tennessee / Texas / United Kingdom / U.S. Census / U.S. Military / U.S. National Archives and Records/ Administration / U.S. Presidents (under Famous People) / U.S. Vital Statistics / Utah / Vermont / Virginia / Washington State / West Virginia / Wisconsin / Wyoming

The Gillen Network Here are email links to other Gillens who agreed to be listed... just click on a name to email that person. All other on-line Gillens (by birth, marriage, or whatever) are cordially invited to join our virtual family regardless of how they spell the name or where their roots are buried.

Helm's Genealogy Toolbox Search | Guides | Surnames | Area-Specific | Groups | | Commercial | Web Projects | News/Serials | Libraries | Software | Heraldry| Overview | Registration |

International Research Specializing in proving Native American ancestry and Indian heritage & genealogy for tribes such as the Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, Crow, Seminole and other North American Tribes including the Five Civilized Tribes and the Dawes Commission. Professional Genealogists Accredited by the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, the World's Largest Genealogy Library. World-Wide Network of Professional Genealogists.

Littlewolf's Home Page Monacan Indian Native, personal Home page and Genealogy for same. Updates on what is happening at the tribal headquarters on Bear Mountain In Amherst,VA. Also many great links to other Native resources.

National Genealogical Society Much of the following reference material was prepared and formatted for on-line access on the Internet by members for the NGS Computer Interest Group. In some cases we have chosen to provide links to significant reference material provided at other Internet sites. Through the the last item in this list you will be able to connect with most other genealogy resources available on the Internet.

Native American Genealogy We now have pages up on Cherokee, Choctaw, Lakota with lots more coming for Native American Genealogy. We are hoping to build sites for all the different Indian Nations as time progresses. / Native American Bookstores and Maps / Melodie Sander's Cherokee Genealogy Research Material / Kevin Cloud Brechner's Lecture on the White Buffalo Calf with Links / Karen's and Melodie's Choctaw Home page / Lakota home page with links to other sites / What's in a Name? / Our General Native American Link page / The Cherokee Page / Travel Guide to Oklahoma / How To Guide for Native Americans / Native American National Archives Resourches / Native American Resources by Paul Sarrett Jr / Karen's page on the Melungeon's / The Nargansett Home page / North American Indian - Population Records Southeastern Tribes (AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN) / Want to learn more about us and AOL Native American Genealogy Group? / Link Page / Osage Resource guide by Melodie Sanders / Native American Newsletter, Usenet and Listservers / Our Quieries Page

Northumberland & Durham Family History Society Are you interested in Family History? Would you like to know more about your ancestors? Who they were? Where they lived? What they did? Perhaps you are already trying to discover your roots but are not too sure how to go about it? Or maybe you're an old hand, and would like to share your knowledge and experiences with other like minded people? Then why not join the Northumberland and Durham Family History Society? An organisation founded in 1975. dedicated to helping its members, from beginners to experienced researchers alike, to learn more about their ancestors, with special emphasis on the Northumberland and Durham areas.

Northeast Surnames Alphabatized index. Are you looking for ancestors in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island or Québec? Send your information by E-Mail and I will add the information to the list, along with your name and e-mail address, so connections between you and others working on the same names can be made. In order to save my time and ensure accuracy, try to follow several simple rules

RAND Genealogy Club Home Page Welcome to the RAND Genealogy Club, a group of several RAND employees who share the hobby of tracing our family trees. We provide this page to share information about genealogical resources we've found available on the "information highway."

Researching From Abroad The premier resource for people wishing to research British and Irish ancestry from outside the British Isles must surely be the LDS Family History Library, with its very large number of branches throughout the world, and its immense collection of microfilmed material.

Surnames: Queries, Good and Bad soc.genealogy.surnames Queries, good and bad This FAQ is presently in draft form It may change without notice. The soc.genealogy.surnames introduction is also available here. The following examples are based on real queries received by the moderators. Names have been changed to avoid embarrassment.

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